Pupils at Didsbury CE Primary School

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team & SENDCo

Role Name
Headteacher Miss Rippon
Deputy Head Mrs Chamberlain
KS2 Lead and Year 6 Class Teacher Ruth Whittaker
SENDCo (Mon, Tues, Weds) Emilie Smith
Nursery Class Teacher Kathryn Thompson
EYFS and Key Stage 1 Lead Elizabeth Lugsden

Teaching Staff

Role Name
Co KS1/EYFS Lead and Nursery Class Teacher Mrs Kathryn Thompson
Nursery Class Teacher Miss Fuller and Miss Haigh 
Reception Class Teacher Mrs Lugsden and Miss Fuller
Year 1 Class Teacher Mrs Morgan
Year 2 Class Teacher Miss James
Year 3 Class Teacher Mrs Gandee and Mrs Royden
Year 4 Class Teacher Mr Copestake
Year 5 Class Teacher Miss Tustain
KS2 Lead and Year 6 Class Teacher Mrs Ruth Whittaker

Teaching Assistants & Learning Support Assistants

Role Name
Nursery Teaching Assistant Mrs Leatherbarrow
Reception Teaching Assistant Mrs Pugsley
Year 1 Teaching Assistant Miss Jones
Year 2 Teaching Assistant Miss Bateman
Year 3 Teaching Assistant Mrs Miller
Year 4 Teaching Assistant Mrs Miller
Year 5 Teaching Assistant Miss Pitts
Year 6 Teaching Assistant Miss Pitts
Learning Support Assistant Mrs Baker
Learning Support Assistant Miss Jones
Learning Support Assistant Mr Sharman
Learning Support Assistant Miss Bateman
Learning Support Assistant Miss Phoenix
Learning Support Assistant Mrs Gray


Administration & Site Management Staff

Role Name
Admin Officer Mrs Brown
Senior Lunchtime Organiser Mrs Bradbury
Lunchtime Organiser Ms Green
Lunchtime Organiser Mrs Blanco
Lunchtime Organiser Mrs Sutcliffe
Lunchtime Organiser Miss Hughes
Lunchtime Organiser Mrs Baker
Lunchtime Organiser Ms Halpin
Lunchtime Organiser Mrs O’Neil
Lunchtime Organiser Ms Law
Lunchtime Organiser Ms Begum
Lunchtime Organiser Ms Rehman
Didsbury Kids Club  
Kids Club Manager Mrs Burns 
Deputy Kids Club Manager Mrs Nester
Kids Club Staff Mrs Baker
Kids Club Staff Mrs Heyes
Kids Club Staff Mrs Gray
Kids Club Staff Ms Halpin
Kids Club Staff Ms Munro
Kids Club Staff Ms Salemi


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