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Mental Health & Wellbeing

At Didsbury CE Primary School we are fully committed to improving the mental health and wellbeing of all our pupils and staff. We consider mental health to be of the same importance as physical health and recognise the need to support both our pupils and our staff with this.

Our SENDCo (Ms Smith) leads a Mental Health Working Group with members of staff from Didsbury CE, including our Deputy Head and PSHE Lead. This working group meets every half term with the specific focus of implementing strategies to improve our school’s mental health and wellbeing provision. Please look out for updates from this group in the school’s Wellbeing Newsletter, published every half term with the general newsletter as well as being available below.

Below you will find our Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy which outlines the support that all pupils receive to develop understanding of their own mental health, resilience and knowledge of what they can do to keep mentally healthy. The Mental Health Identification Procedure shows the pathway that we will follow if we are concerned a pupil has mental health difficulties. The App Wheel is designed by Catalyst Psychology, the psychology service that we use at Didsbury CE. The apps, which focus on a number of wellbeing themes e.g. mindfulness, can be used with children at primary school age. All of the apps were appropriate at the time of the wheel's creation, but we would advise parents to check any apps they download before giving them to children, just in case any updates have made changes to layout or content.

If you have any questions or comments about how we support our school community with mental health and wellbeing then please contact either Ms Emma Chamberlain (Deputy Head and PSHE lead) or Ms Emilie Smith (SENDCo and Mental Health Lead) via the school office on 0161 445 7144 or on the following email addresses:

Name Role Email
Ms Emma Chamberlain Deputy Head and PSHE lead
Ms Emilie Smith SENDCo and Mental Health Lead



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