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Curriculum Design

at Didsbury CE Primary School

At Didsbury CE we also study the practices and beliefs of other major world faiths. From the other major faiths, the school has decided to focus on Islam and Judaism which reflects the local community and the link to Christianity. The children experience hands on learning experiences with visits to the local church, Synagogue and Mosque. These opportunities assist children to ask questions and experience religion alive in their community.

During their time at Didsbury CE we believe that the vocabulary rich, knowledge engaged curriculum provides children with first hand experiences that bring the subject to life and root the curriculum in a local context. 

The discussion, debate and social advocacy opportunities that thread through our curriculum equip our children, whatever their social background, the soft skills such as critical thinking and teamwork that are vital to success in 21st century Britain.  We often use cross-curricular teaching to make the curriculum relevant and meaningful to children and for putting knowledge into context.

A broad and balanced curriculum

We have always been committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum that is not narrowed in end of key stage years.  Didsbury CE operates in accordance with the Guidance set out in the RE Statement of Entitlement, (The Church of England Education Office 2019). At Didsbury CE we adopt the principal that 5% of the curriculum being dedicated to RE. This is the minimum recommended in national guidelines. There will be occasions when RE takes a larger slice of the curriculum, reflecting the Church School’s greater commitment to the subject.

We passionately believe that the RE curriculum builds upon the skills and knowledge of the core subjects.  For example, the RE curriculum gives opportunity for high level and substantial pieces of writing that contextualise the skills taught in the English and links to courageous advocacy in the PSHE curriculum.

Throughout the RE curriculum at Didsbury CE there is an expectation of high academic standards and children at Didsbury CE enjoy the opportunity to be advocates for change and ambassadors of respect and tolerance in society. The design of the curriculum and the opportunities afforded the children mean that high standard of writing in RE is the same as it is in the core subjects.  We passionately believe that all children regardless of background can reach those high standards.   Pupil premium is used to ensure that all children have full access to the RE curriculum.  For children with SEN our RE curriculum and the resources we use are adapted so that they have the opportunity to receive their full educational entitlement. Visuals and differentiated work are provided to support children with EAL.

High academic ambition

Our RE curriculum is designed so that all may be challenged to fulfil their potential and encourages pupils to develop positive attitudes to their learning and to the beliefs and values of others. This provides children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to be ready for their next stage of education. 

Collective Worship

At Didsbury CE Primary School, the daily act of collective worship is viewed as an integral and important part of school life. Through this and in the general ethos of the school we seek to promote our mission statement of Belonging, Believing and Becoming.

It is a time when we come together to share our love of God based on promoting the Christian values which permeate the ethos of the school. As such, the contributions of staff, pupils, church clergy and other visitors are valued highly. We also actively seek to encourage the attitudes of awe, wonder and reflection. We have regular contributions to assembly. In accordance with Manchester Diocesan Guidelines, our school ensures that every child is entitled to an opportunity for daily worship.

Parental Rights of Withdrawal from Collective worship in a Voluntary Aided School

The Worship and Religious Education provided by the school is in accordance with the Church of England. This foundation is also reflected in the curriculum and the whole life of the school community. Since the conduct of the school as a whole reflects the Church of England ethos, removal of pupils from Worship and/or Religious Education (as parents are legally entitled to do) cannot insulate them from the religious life of the school.

The 1996 Education Act gives parents the legal right to withdraw their children from collective worship.  This is upheld under the 1998 Act. 

As an Anglican school we hold great value in the power of collective worship to formulate, enhance and celebrate the power and wonder of our Christian faith. That said, if parents wish to withdraw their child from collective worship we request that the reasons be put in writing and submitted to the Head of School.

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