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Curriculum Design

at Didsbury CE Primary School

At Didsbury CE, our ethos is Belonging Believing Becoming: where children feel a sense of Belonging to the school and community of Didsbury. We recognise that music plays an important part in helping children feel part of a commununity and so we provide opportunitues for children to create, play, perform and enjoy music both in class and to an audience. Through collective worship concerts, class assemblies and key stage perfirmances children showcase their understanding of how to perform with an awareness of an audience.

Opportunities are sought to expose children to music performed by professional orchestras such as the Halle by visiting the Bridgewater Hall to participate in educational programmes and see the orchestra in action. In addition, children also participate in events and activities run by Manchester Music Hub such as Sing Up.

A broad and balanced curriculum

We aim for the music curriculum to give all children fun, practical and inspiring experiences so that they can enjoy all aspects of music. They will develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose and listen with discrimination to a range of musical genres and artists. We believe music is an important part of our wider curriculum that gives children opportunities to express themselves in a less academic way than, for example, the basic skills of reading, writing and maths.

Children in Foundation Stage have discrete music lessons that last for 15/20 minutes weekly. Children in KS1 have discrete music lessons that last for 30 minutes and in KS2 this extends to 40 minutes.

How Learning is Sequenced

Throughout the music curriculum at Didsbury CE, children are encouraged to be the best they can be, achieving high academic standards, pushing themselves to deepen their knowledge and skill set. We passionately believe that all children regardless of background can reach high standards. Inclusion is paramount at Didsbury CE; children with SEN are supported in various ways to suit their needs in order for every child to receive their full curriculum entitlement. This varies from child to child, often by support and the adaptation of resources. We ensure every child is challenged to fulfil their potential.

Below are the units that children study each half term. See the home learning tab to access online materials that complement these units: 

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Special People
Our Senses
Goign Places
Stories and Sounds
Working World
Groth and Change
My Stories
Our World
Big Bear Funk
Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Year 1
Hey You!
Rhythm In The Way We Walk and Banana Rap
In the Grove
Round and Round
Your Imagination
Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Year 2 Hands, Feet, Heart
Ho, Ho, Ho
I Wanna Play in a Band
Zootime Friendship Song
Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Year 3 Let Your Spirit Fly
Glockenspiel 1
Three Little Birds
The Dragon Song
Bringing Us Together
Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Year 4 Mamma Mia
Glockenspiel 2 Stop! Lean on Me
Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Year 5 Livin' on a Prayer
Classroom Jazz 1
Make you Feel My Love
The Fresh Prince of Belair
Dancing in the street
Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Year 6 Happy Classroom Jazz 2
A Near Year Carol
You've Got a Friend
Music and Me
Reflect, Rewind and Replay
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