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Curriculum Design

at Didsbury CE Primary School

We feel that it is important that our children have a strong sense of belonging to our locality and knowing the different sporting communities in the local area.  At different points throughout the year coaches from local sport groups, such as Didsbury cricket club and the Northern Tennis club, visit school to deliver engaging sessions allowing children to experience a range of activities and be signposted to a community club if they wish to take part further.   Children are also given the opportunity to compete in sports day at the local park and children in KS2 are able to attend the lunch time running club also at Didsbury Park.  Many of our pupils also compete sport outside of school and as a result our PE curriculum reflects the level of sport on offer in the local area. 

At Didsbury CE we also acknowledge that PE enables children to develop a range of values such as which can be reflected in their local communities.   As a result, children are also taught about a range of influential athletes, locally, nationally and internationally, who have shown such values in their own lives and communities.  This is to inspire and motivate children to use their voice to be active and positive members in their communities.  

A broad and balanced curriculum

At Didsbury CE children take part in physical education for the equivalent of 90 minutes per week in KS1 and KS2. We have always been committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum that is not narrowed in end of key stage years. We passionately believe that the PE curriculum builds upon the skills and knowledge of a range of subjects as well as enhance important life skills such as team work and communication. We ensure that each and every lesson children are reflecting upon their learning, carefully thinking through the values of passion, self belief, respect, honesty, determination and team work so that they can continue to grow and flourish in their communities. 

Throughout the PE curriculum at Didsbury CE there is an expectation of high academic standards and children at Didsbury CE enjoy the opportunity to take part in a range of physical and sporting opportunities.  We passionately believe that all children regardless of background can reach those high standards.   To ensure that all children have full access to the PE curriculum, sport premium funding is used to allow for a broad variety of experiences and high quality learning.  For children with SEN, our PE curriculum and the resources we use are adapted so that they have the opportunity to receive their full educational entitlement as well as have the opportunity to take part in all extra physical activities offered.  Our PE curriculum is designed so that all may be challenged to fulfil their potential.

Implementation – how we teach what we teach

At Didsbury CE Physical Education (PE) is taught from nursery to year six in weekly PE sessions.  In our EYFS curriculum, PE is covered in the Physical Development Early Learning Goals.  Children in our Nursery and Reception have the opportunity to complete fine and gross motor activities in a range of high- quality learning areas both indoors and outdoors.  During this continuous provision time children are able to develop fundamental skills and master basic movements which will assist them with their overall development.  Children in EYFS also participate in a weekly PE session.

In Key Stage 1 the lessons are taught by the class teacher.  During these lessons, children will have opportunities to participate and perform in a range of physical activities.  In Key Stage 2 the lessons are also taught by class teachers and children learn how to continue to apply and develop their broad range of skills.  Children in KS2 will also begin to participate in swimming lessons, take part in forest school sessions as well as participate in competitions in the area.  As part of our staff’s own professional development we also have specialist PE training by Mr Callaghan to enhance teacher’s own skills and confidence. 

Impact – how we measure what we teach

The impact of this PE curriculum is to enable children to flourish in physical activity as we as foster characteristics such as fairness and respect.  We are confident that all pupils will be enriched by the PE curriculum so that they can confidently use their acquired skills and knowledge, such as communication and collaboration, to become positive, active members in their families, friendships and communities.  The children’s learning journey in PE is assessed each term using the current assessment framework and reported on formally to parents at the end of each academic year.  Work is recorded in the class PE journal which highlights skills pupils have acquired and improved on. 


Our 8 year gymnastics curriculum is based on the award-winning Val Sabin scheme. Gymnastics is taught either by our specialist gym teacher or the class teacher. Our specialist teacher has also recorded videos of every roll, jump, balance and travel to support teachers and to demonstrate to children when needed. 


We follow the iMoves scheme for dance. Developed by dance and primary teaching experts, the scheme comes with detailed videos delivered by professional dancers to model the steps to certain dances. Children will learn dances such as Samba and Broadway as well as more expressive dances based around a theme. Children dance to high quality music from a range of cultures. 


Athletics is a highly inclusive sport, where every child can take part and be recognised for both their success and their own personal achievement. The skills of running, jumping, and throwing underpin almost every other sport and reinforce the children's competencies in agility, balance, coordination and speed. Athletics is taught in every year group by our professional sports coaches. 

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